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 What to expect:

Over five (or more) consecutive days, you will listen to 'Safe & Sound music' offered via the 'Unyte-ILS' app (provided to you by Tracy). This will be done in 30-60 min increments.

While listening to the music you can also engage in a relaxing activity, such as colouring, stretching, puzzles, crafting (knitting, etc.) as long as your focus is on the music and you are not distracted by the activity.

What is included in the fee for SSP:

(Most insurance companies and/or health care spending accounts cover the cost of services provided by a registered social worker)

  • Initial 50 min intake and assessment for SSP preparation

  • Five 75- minute sessions OR Ten- 45 minute sessions (occurring on consecutive days)

  • In session tools to regulate your nervous system, somatic movements and grounding skills. 

  • One month of free access to SSP Music Playlist for additional nervous system regulation

  • Email Support during the week of SSP



Equipment Client is required to have:

  1. Over the ears headset required for SSP  (not noise-cancelling)

  2. Phone with access to apps (app is free for you and I will send you the link)

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