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Trauma Recovery & Holistic Wellness:
Tracy Kennedy Counseling & Trauma Therapy


I am so glad you are here, considering therapy is an empowering way to prioritize yourself.

I'm Tracy, a registered social worker and trained trauma therapist.  I offer virtual therapy to adults in the provinces of Ontario and British Columbia.  

Curious to know how I can support you? Schedule a free 15 min video consult at the link below.

Headshot of Tracy Kennedy, Registered Social Worker and Trauma Therapist, specializing in Trauma Therapy, EMDR Therapy, and Holistic Healing. virtual therapy for adults in ontario and british columbia canada.

Areas of Specialization

EMDR Guelph.  Trauma and Recovery.  narcissistic parents.  trauma counseling near me.  counseling near me.  

  • Traumatic Experiences                                  

  • Anxiety

  • Limiting Core beliefs


  • Self Esteem/ Self Worth

  • People Pleasing & Perfectionism

  • Healing from childhood adversity

  • Overwhelming thoughts and feelings

  • Developing Boundaries

  • Stress

  • Painful Family Dynamics

Psychotherapy Services

I am a registered social worker & trained trauma therapist with 15+ years in the field.

I currently offer virtual therapy to adults who reside in Ontario and British Columbia. 

My services are typically covered by your employee health care benefits.

I have specialized training in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing, Flash Technique, Emotional Freedom Technique, Safe & Sound Protocol.

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