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I'm  Tracy

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Counselling for anxiety and depression guelph,

Counselling for anxiety and depression collingwood.

I am a registered social worker and trained trauma therapist, with 15 years of work experience and 38 years of lived experience.

 I help adults get to the root issue of their problems so they can live more peaceful, fulfilling, connected and authentic lives.
My areas of specialization are trauma, anxiety, perfectionism, boundaries, stress, self esteem and toxic relationships.

I know that seeking therapy takes a great deal of vulnerability and courage, I want you to know I am proud of you for taking this step. 

In our sessions I provide a healing environment that acknowledges and works with all parts of you - mind, body, spirit and emotion.  
My therapeutic approach is relational, directive and collaborative.
I personalize everything for each client, no two people or situations are the same.  

I am truly honoured to support my clients in their healing journey from surviving to thriving.  It is my hope that during our work together you can trust that there is a way to feel differently; to think differently; to live differently.

Starting counselling can be difficult and trying to find the right therapist can be a challenge. This is why I like to offer a free consultation so that you can get to know me first before committing your time and money. I want to ensure you feel comfortable and ready to work together so that you have a great experience working with me.

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